If you need to clawback a document for any reason (privilege, confidentiality, wrong version, etc), we provide attorney's the ability to remove documents from the participant list with the clawback function. Only documents revealed in a the current deposition can be clawed back. Documents clawed back will be replaced with a placeholder pdf that states the document was clawed back. 

To clawback a revealed document in a deposition, select the document you wish to claw back. Then under document actions select clawback.

A pop up will appear asking you to confirm the clawback request.

After clicking yes the document will have a clawback label underneath the document name. 

If you mistakenly clawback the wrong document or wish to show that document you can click reveal. This will remove the clawback label and make the document viewable to participants. 

Clawback documents for participants will be stamped with the date, the time, and the user that clawed back the document on the placeholder pdf.

Once the deposition has been concluded, documents cannot be clawed back.