Marking a document with an exhibit sticker is as easy as clicking on the "Mark Exhibit" link in the deposition control panel.

An image of the exhibit sticker is placed on the first page of the currently selected document.

Change the number.

The number defaults to the next sequential exhibit number in the case. If this is the first time you are marking an exhibit, the number will default to 1. Exhibit numbers are unique to the case, so if the last exhibit number you used was 10 in a previous deposition, the next available number is 11.

However, you can change the number if you want. Just type in a different number, letter, or letter / number combination and hit the <enter> key.

Move the exhibit sticker.

If the sticker is covering something in the bottom right of the page, you can move the sticker but hovering your mouse over the sticker, which will show a handle cursor:

You can then drag and drop the sticker to a new location. It still required to be on the first page of the document.

Delete the sticker.

If you erroneously marked an exhibit, you can click the "X" in the upper right of the exhibit sticker to delete it.

NOTE: You cannot edit the exhibit number or location for documents that have been marked as exhibits in previous depositions. Once the deposition is concluded, the exhibit number and sticker is forever associated with the document.

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